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Wedding, Private events

The Ton Animation team says a big “YES!” " as formake your wedding or any other private party unforgettable. We will be able to adapt to your requests for all types of parties:marriage,Religious holidays,works council orbaby shower. Come and discover our range of services, decorations and shows below and our professionals will be happy to make this special day a memorable day.


Contact: 06 1834 78 14

Our services

Select the service of your choice:

Fireworks in front of the Eiffel Tower

Amaze your guests withexceptional fireworks ! Ourprofessional fireworks, certified F4 T2, will transform your event into an unforgettable spectacle, whether you opt for aindoor or outdoor experience. Choose your dose of magic with tailor-made fireworks! Create the event of your dreams, indoors or outdoors.

DJ tuning equipment

In order to add more fantasy to your party, Ton Animation offers youvarious services which will make you shine or delight you or simply have fun! There will be some forall tastes and for all colors.

the golden key

In our shows, you will discover manyprofessional artists like thedancers,singersAndmagiciansincluding the Magic Brothers; winners of a Merlin Award “best illusionist duo”. Let yourself be transported and dream about a show that will amaze adults and children alike. Our shows combinemagic,dance,singingAndother disciplines and will take you on a journey into their world that you choose; the world of the circus, Alice in Wonderland or even the 4 elements.

Wedding table at night

Our professionals offer you a wide choice ofballoon decorations for an airy and light look that will enhance your events. If you have a clear idea, let us know and we will do what is necessary as closely as possible to your wishes.


Welcome to theenchanting world of decoration, where every detail is a note of magic and refinement. Our team of enthusiasts and dedicated professionals is ready tobring your most precious dreams to life. Whether for themost important day of your life, Amarriage, or oneprivate event memorable, we put our expertise at your service. Let us enhance your special occasion, because with us, decoration becomes a work of art.


To realize your ideas and discuss your projects, contact us now at "06 18 34 78 14".

Together, let's create unforgettable memories.

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