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Our wedding shows

Discover our showsunique, perfect foranimate times between mealsyour marriage or to sublimate any event.

Treat yourself to momentsmemorable, where every moment becomes a performanceexceptional.

Marvel your guestswith the originality of our services, adding a magical touch to your celebration.


Contact: 06 1834 78 14

The 4 elements

Come live a unique and immersive experience with our 4 elements show which will take you on a journey through fire, water, earth and air!

the wonders of illusion

The Wonders of Illusion

The Wonders of Illusion is a show that brings together bothgreat illusions, THEmystery, therecomedyand above all ainteraction with the public. Illusions, each more surprising than the other orappearance,disappearance Andlevitationcontinue for an hour and a quarter. A spectacle of great illusion in thetradition of American shows with manyspecial effects. Suitable for both adults and children.

the world of dreams and illusion

The World of Dreams and Illusions

A Fabulousmagic show and D'illusion will surprise you with its approachuniqueAndinteractivewhich leaves aaudience of all ages in complete amazement. Cristal, will make you travel withmany great illusions, each more surprising than the other through the wonderful world of magic. Throughout this show theessential participation of the public will be there ! You will also have the pleasure of seeing “The Magic Brothers » a duo of illusionists revealed byCHRISTOPHE DECHAVANNE on TF1 with their modern and fresh numbers. “The World of Dreams and Illusions” is theideal show for all audiences : a real pleasure for the eyes with the great illusions, the stage presence of the artists, the interactivity with the public... everything comes together to experience aunforgettable moment.

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