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Amaze your guests withexceptional fireworks ! Ourprofessional fireworks, certified F4 T2, will transform your event into aunforgettable show, whether you opt for aindoor or outdoor experience.


Choose your dose of magic with tailor-made fireworks!

Create the event of your dreams, indoors or outdoors.

Contact :06 18 34 78 14


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Explore the diversity of ourfireworks services, suitable both forinterior that at theoutside, and discover the brilliance of our fireworks, whether they are under theday light or in thedarkness of the night. Immerse yourself in a captivating visual experience with our full range of artistic services. Whether brightening up your indoor spaces or creating magical moments outdoors, our fireworks are designed to transform every occasion into a memorable spectacle. Welcome to a world where beauty comes to life through our exceptional services

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Explore the sparkle and magic in every moment! Immerse yourself in our exclusive gallery, where fireworks light up any event, whether indoors or outdoors.


Discover captivating glimpses through our photos and videos, revealing the splendor of our pyrotechnic creations. Transform every moment into an unforgettable spectacle with our breathtaking fireworks. Sail, marvel and create sparkling memories!



Feux d'artifice devant la tour Eiffel

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