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Together we create unforgettable moments where day and night transform into a dazzling symphony of sparkle and color.


Whether for a religious celebration, a works council (CE), a wedding, an end-of-year party or a special event, our fireworks add a magical and spectacular touch to every occasion.


Contact us to discuss how we can personalize these unique visual experiences, lighting up the skies and the hearts of your guests, and making your event truly extraordinary.


Immerse yourself in the dazzling magic of our fireworks designed especially to amaze your event in broad daylight. Imagine a sky bathed in light, each explosion evoking bright, dazzling hues that dance harmoniously. Our daytime fireworks displays bring a festive atmosphere to your event, creating a dynamic and captivating visual spectacle. Of varied shapes and colors, these explosions of joy light up the sky with enchanting splendor, making each moment a living painting.


When the sun sets, our expertise takes on a new dimension with our nightly fireworks displays. Immerse yourself in a world of sparkling lights, where each sparkle illuminates the night in a magical and enchanting way. Explosions of vibrant color in the dark create a mysterious and enchanting ambiance, elevating your event to spectacular heights. Our nightly fireworks displays are carefully orchestrated, providing a grandiose spectacle that transforms the darkness into a living canvas, leaving a memorable imprint on the minds of all spectators.

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