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It is obligatory to jump standing or sitting. No somersaults, forward or backward somersaults.

Come and embark on a team course, overcoming obstacles, tunnels, climbing the climbing wall and sliding down the slide!!!

• Features :
This course includes a first slide, followed by a climbing wall, a dizzying jump and ends with a large slide. You have the option of using it with or without a swimming pool.
This course, which consists of 4 obstacles, can be divided into several sections. For example: a slide and a climbing wall.

• Dimensions (Length x Depth x Height): 33.00m x 3.50m x 4.20m

• Capacity: Can accommodate up to 12 children aged 3 to 12 years old

• Power of blower motors: 4 x 2400 Watts

• Power supply: Requires 4 220V power outlets on 2 circuit breakers.

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